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We are a trusted Stirrer Manufacturer and supplier. Our laboratory stirrer is far famed for its elegant design. We also manufacture robust range of electrical laboratory stirrer.

Stirrer Manufacturers

High speed pharmaceutical stirrer

  • High speed stirrer offered by us is manufactured using mild steel and stainless steel.
  • This lowers the maintenance problems and makes the cleaning very easy.
  • Its steel body make s it corrosion resistance.
  • These high speed stirrers are available in hanging type as well as with stand model.
  • These high speed stirrers are appropriate for mixing, stirring and homogenizing of low viscosity liquids and semi-liquid products.
  • Various sizes of 1 H.P, 2 H.P, 3 H.P, 5 H.P, 7.5 H.P, 10 H.P and 15 H.P are available in these stirrers

Laboratory stirrer:

Tru-mark Laboratory Stirrers have maintenance free Electric or Air motors driven mixing elements ideally suited for continuous duty stirring and mixing applications. Tru-mark Stirrers have sturdy adjustable stand, low noise, smooth start and stop with heavy duty AC/ DC Universal or Induction Motors ranging from 1/12 HP to 1.5HP. and speed 100 RPM to 15000 RPM. Retort Stand height ranges from 350 mm to 1500 mm. Capacity (depending on viscosity) ranges from 1 liter to 200 liters.

Electronic or Autovariac speed control regulators are also provided on request. Coupling is of bush type or self centering chuck type. Material of construction is of Stainless Steel SS 304 or SS 316. Teflon or PP lined mixing elements also available for specific applications. Special GMP stirrers available for Pharmaceutical Industry.
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