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The homogenizers are useful for making suspensions, emulsions and homogeneous solutions. They are very useful in food and pharma industries for making syrups, juices, tomato ketchups, jells etc. They are also used for crushing and mixing of two or more products.

The equipment consists of stator and rotor assembly made of SS. The rotor moves inside the stator, the stator is provided with slots and the material passes through these slots several times and thus size reduction and homogenisation is obtained.


  • With stand(adjustable height) or mounting type(on a tank).
  • Various types of blades to suit the require operation.
  • All contact parts are made out of SS304/316 quality material.
  • Maximum care has been taken to ensure safe operation of the unit.
  • Motor : 1/2HP, 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP.

Pressure Homogenizers

Our range of homogenizers includes homogenizer for fruit juice, homogenizer for ice cream, homogenizer for dye chemicals, standard homogenizers, homogenizer for lab model, fruit juice homogenizer, ice creams homogenizers, low capacity homogeniser, high pressure homogenizers.

We specialize in the production of homogenizers that is carried out under high pressure and velocity, guided into micron clearance to impinge over the impact ring. These homogenizers comply with the industrial quality standards and are offered to our clients in standard and customized forms.

The technical aspect of our homogenizers is mentioned below:

  • Output up to 5000 Ltr per hr.
  • MOC of Crank case: High quality cast iron
  • Effective cooling facilitated through Splash lubrication
  • MOC of contact parts and homogenizing chamber: AISI-316
  • MOC of homogenizer valve assembly: Stellite
  • Single and double stage homogenizing head (manual/hydraulic)
  • Imported diaphragm type pressure gauge
  • Designed for CIP cleaning
  • MOC of Enclosures: Imported plastic coated AISI- 304 sheet

Inline Homogenizer

We manufacture and export a wide range of Inline Homogenizer, which is used for emulsifying, homogenizing, solubilizing, suspending, dispersing and disintegrating solids. These are equipped with precision engineered rotor/stator work head that functions better than conventional mixers. This helps to improve the quality, product consistency and product efficiency.

Some of the salient features are as follows:

  • It accelerate reactions
  • It reducer the particle size
  • Rapidly dissolve solids
  • It creates emulsions and suspensions
  • It eliminates, agglomerates and fish eyes
  • High speed pharmaceutical stirrer
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